EFT Video List

The EFT tab gives a basic introduction to EFT, as well as links to a few introductory videos demonstrating. Please review that material before going on to these videos.  Below is a list of videos I have made over the years demonstrating the EFT process for different concerns.  Using EFT to clear limiting beliefs, emotions, fears, and memories has changed my life and countless others. Used correctly, it can definitely help a person become free from the prison of their negative emotions. I believe it is a gift from God. It doesn’t replace faith in God, but a tool that I believe helps us see God and ourselves more clearly. In my post about the “core of the problem” I indicated that the core of the problem is the conflict between who have come to believe we are, and who we really are as children of God. EFT is an excellent tool to clear layers of false identity helping a person to connect their true identity. I hope the videos I have listed below will be helpful for you. Some of them are recordings of me working through things with a client, and some videos have just me on them.  God bless you!  – Arden

EFT for fear of someone saying no
EFT for fear of trying again
EFT for feelings of rejection and fear of rejection
EFT for removing fear of failure
EFT for fear of repeating a past failure – 1
EFT for fear of repeating past failure – 2
EFT for clearing fear of criticism
EFT for self esteem


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