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Clearing Painful Memories with EFT

Everyone has memories from the past that they find bothersome. Painful memories can bring up feelings of rejection, loneliness, hurt abandonment, unsafe, fear, anxiety, unloved, worthless, anger, panic, etc. Some people go numb to escape the pain. ┬áSometimes it seems … Continue reading

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Why Be A Powerless Victim?

We have all had experiences where we were an innocent victim. Each person has innocently suffered pain because of the actions of others or circumstances out of our control. But how long do we remain a victim? It is not … Continue reading

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Prison Lesson 2 – Self Sabotage

today I taught my second class at the Utah State Prison. The subject was “Self Sabotage,” something we have all done. Below are the notes for the material I taught.  Enjoy! Class 2 – SELF SABOTAGE Identifying and clearing self-sabotaging behavior:  … Continue reading

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