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How Come A Person Can Feel Good About A Bad Idea?

Hopefully you have watched my videos on Introductory Videos On Basic Principles.  In these videos I discuss how when we are connected to light and truth, we feel hope, peace, love, joy, etc.  When we feel emotions of darkness such … Continue reading

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Have You Learned Your Lesson?

It is very natural that when there is something in our lives that makes us uncomfortable, or causes pain in some way, that we want the pain to go away. If I have a rock in my shoe, I want … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Loaves for the Doubting Disciple (me)

Here are some follow-up thoughts from my last article. LESSONS FROM THE LOAVES FOR THE DOUBTING DISCIPLE (me) Go some place you have never gone before, to do things you have never done before, with tools and resources you do … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Loaves

Something that had helped me feel greater joy in life is feeling gratitude for God’s gifts in my life. When I take time to recognize all the ways he has blessed me, I feel greater gratitude, which leads to greater … Continue reading

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Mental Fitness Challenge

People often use programs to get in shape physically. Some people have memberships at a gym and work out daily. Some people use diets to loose weight. Some enjoy walking or jogging with a friend to stay in shape. There are … Continue reading

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Take a new measure of yourself.

Here is a great video clip about how we need allow ourselves to change, and stop measuring ourselves by the past. click here to watch

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What Is Slowing You Down?

I have heard that during the goldrush of 1849, there were some who left the eastern part of United States for the gold fields of California, bringing with them their most prized possessions. There were some things they were unwilling … Continue reading

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