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Clearing Painful Memories with EFT

Everyone has memories from the past that they find bothersome. Painful memories can bring up feelings of rejection, loneliness, hurt abandonment, unsafe, fear, anxiety, unloved, worthless, anger, panic, etc. Some people go numb to escape the pain. ¬†Sometimes it seems … Continue reading

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Don’t let the past bring you down

We have all had negative experiences in life. It just happens. We have experienced, hurt, failure, disappointment, abuse, rejection, feeling unloved, abandoned, etc. Some of these experiences were minor, and we quickly forget about them and move on. However, some … Continue reading

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Give Praise To Feel Good!

Have you ever noticed how you feel when someone pays you a genuine compliment? Most of the time it makes you feel a little better, doesn’t it? Most of us know someone that lifts the people around them. They tend … Continue reading

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The Core of the problem… the core of the core of the core ….

Often when resolving a problem, people will say something like, “Let’s get to the root of the problem,” or “Let’s get to the core of the problem.” If you are trying to remove dandelions from your lawn, if you mow … Continue reading

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Why life is hard sometimes

Why life is hard sometimes video There are times when life is just hard, and it doesn’t seem to make sense. Sometimes things seem to come out of nowhere that make our life more difficult. Sometimes we are dealing with … Continue reading

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EFT – An amazing tool for feeling good.

So far on this blog I have been sharing basic information on the difference between feelings of darkness and light, and some suggestions on how to move from feeling dark to feeling light. If you haven’t watched the videos on … Continue reading

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How our survival system contributes to negative emotions

Here is my third video,¬† this one shows how our subconscious survival system contributes to negative emotions in ways that most people are not aware of. And even if people are aware of it, most don’t have the tools to … Continue reading

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