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Clearing Painful Memories with EFT

Everyone has memories from the past that they find bothersome. Painful memories can bring up feelings of rejection, loneliness, hurt abandonment, unsafe, fear, anxiety, unloved, worthless, anger, panic, etc. Some people go numb to escape the pain.  Sometimes it seems … Continue reading

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How Come A Person Can Feel Good About A Bad Idea?

Hopefully you have watched my videos on Introductory Videos On Basic Principles.  In these videos I discuss how when we are connected to light and truth, we feel hope, peace, love, joy, etc.  When we feel emotions of darkness such … Continue reading

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Why Be A Powerless Victim?

We have all had experiences where we were an innocent victim. Each person has innocently suffered pain because of the actions of others or circumstances out of our control. But how long do we remain a victim? It is not … Continue reading

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Spiritual Beings And The Human Experience

I just came across this video and thought the presenter did an excellent job outlining important principles to help us align with our true identity and move from fear to hope.  Take a few minutes to watch this.

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What Is The Truth About Your Past?

As we go through life, we have a wide array of experiences. Some are positive, some are negative. Some are joyful, some are painful.  As we experience things we come to conclusions about ourselves and the world around us. As … Continue reading

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Reach Out

Often the solution to our unhappiness can be found in giving selfless service to others. Christ taught that when loose ourselves in service to others, we find ourselves. As challenging as your problems may be, taking time to serve others … Continue reading

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Addiction vs Kindness

Here are the notes I used in the 6th week of classes at the Utah State Prison Week 6 ADDICTION Addiction beliefs: I need this to survive, escape, solution to, to deal with -…. pain of life, rejection, abuse, hurt, … Continue reading

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