EFT – An amazing tool for feeling good.

So far on this blog I have been sharing basic information on the difference between feelings of darkness and light, and some suggestions on how to move from feeling dark to feeling light. If you haven’t watched the videos on this please go the video page and watch video 1, 2, and 3.

Often a person is feeling negative in some way, and they can’t seem to break out of it and feel good again. Enter EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Here is a self-help tool that is way outside the box of conventional thinking, but it produces results that are almost unbelievable. In fact to most the claims are unbelievable until you experience the process. I’m going to post a few introductory videos on EFT, but first I want to give a little more introduction here.

Imagine that it is a hot summer you day. You and a friend are chatting in a city park, and of course the weather comes up in the conversation. Now imagine as you are discussing how hot it is, your friend reminds you of a freezing cold day last January. As she talks about how cold it was that day, imagine that she says to you, “Just talking about that day makes me feel cold. I’m freezing! Where’s my winter coat?” And imagine that she puts on her winter coat on this hot summer day. This would be rediculouse, wouldn’t it? We just don’t get freezing cold on hot summer days remembering how cold it was. A winter coat in July would be cumbersome, it would make a person miserable. It would be really bad timing! Winter coats aren’t bad, but in July they aren’t good!

Why I bring this up is because mentally and emotionally many people do this very thing. They remember a hurtful event from the past, and they feel the hurt in the present. That is bad timing! We fear that hurt will come in the future, and we feel hurt in the present. That is also bad timing. We want the way we feel now to be based on what is happening now. Not what did happen or might happen, but what is present now. When it comes to temperature we really good at staying present, but mentally and emotionally most people spend most of their energy dealing with the past and the future, and few people are actually present. Once a person is present, they are easily triggered and react to the past or a fear of the future. To really have peace of mind, we need to be present. That doesn’t mean we ignore what happened in the past, it doesn’t mean we neglegant about preparing for the future. It just means the way we feel now is based on what is happening now.

This can be a very challenging thing to do. But EFT is the perfect tool to help a person do just that. The process you are going to see in these videos takes a person having feelings that are based on the past and the future, to the truth of the present moment. It is a very empowering process, and as you use it, you can have much greater peace of mind in the present. I believe EFT is a gift from God, and using it has actually increased my faith in God. Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, EFT can work for you. As you watch these videos, be open minded. The process may seem… weird, strange, even crazy. At the end of the day results don’t lie. And as different as this process is, I have been using it for ten years now, and have seen it effectively help people let go of negative emotions very rapidly. I have seen people that had not been able to let go of anger about something that had happened 50 year ago let go of all anger in 15 minutes. I have seen people dealing traumatic memories, including rape, suicide of family members, murder of children, war, abuse, rejection, and many others, quickly take off the winter coat of the past, finally free to enjoy the present. EFT is amazing effective at taking people from dark, fear based emotions to the light emotions of hope, peace, joy, confidence, gratitude, etc.  If you would ever like my help in using EFT, feel free to contact me. I have coached people all over the planet with this process via phone and internet connections, and it is always an amazing experience.

Here are a few video links. The first one is a video produced by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. He gives a great introduction, so be sure to watch that one first. The second is a video I made that shows the basics of the process. Watch that to see the mechanics of the process demonstrated. Then there are a number of links showing specifically how to tap for different negative emotions.

Video 1: EFT Introductory Video with Gary Craig
Video 2: Basic mechanics of the EFT process
Video 3: Using EFT to clear fear of failure live demonstration with a coaching client
Video 4: EFT for clearing fear of failure, part 2
Video 5: EFT for feeling discouraged


About Arden Compton

I love helping people be the best that they can be. Addiction, stress, limiting beliefs & emotions, and bothersome memories are my specialties. I am happily married to my wife Cheryl, we have 7 robust, growing children. I like to ballroom dance, play volleyball, and enjoy the beauty of nature!
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One Response to EFT – An amazing tool for feeling good.

  1. Hey thanks for sharing this wonderful knowledge on EFT, it truly does help with anxiety as long as you ‘stick with it,’ check out my blog at http://www.anxietykey.com i’m big on anxiety solutions also 🙂

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