Hi! Welcome to this Blog!

I hope that the information on this blog will be helpful for you.  I am sharing information on this blog that I hope will help people let go of fear, bothersome memories, and negative emotions, and experience a more joyful, hopeful life. I am sharing principles and tools that have helped me change my life. Using the information on this blog I have seen hundreds of people change their lives. I realize that there are far too many people out there living in fear for me to even get close to helping everyone that lives in fear and other negative emotions. So, what I am sharing here is intended to empower you, the person stumbling onto this blog.

I would recommend you go to the Introductory Video page and watch those videos first. Many of the other posts will refer to the information on those videos. Given that this is a blog, the most recent posts will be shown at the top. But I would recommend going back to the beginning and read some of the earlier posts first. Often the newer posts are written with the assumption you already understand information from earlier posts.

I believe that all true healing comes through Christ, even if a person doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ. I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve (most of the time), and respect each person’s right to worship according to the dictates of their own conscience. I make no apology for my spiritual roots. My faith has brought much peace and joy into my life, and my only desire in mentioning my faith on this blog is to help you have greater peace and joy in your life.

You will see some information on the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This is an out of the box tool that is amazingly effective. I guess most of what is on this blog is out of the box. EFT and other information and tools on this blog are not a replacement for help from a licensed professional. The information here is meant to bring greater peace into your life, not provide medical or psychiatric treatment. Please consult with your licensed professional regarding your concerns. How you use the information on this blog is your responsibility, not mine. Please act wisely.

God bless you in all that you do! – Arden Compton


4 Responses to Hi! Welcome to this Blog!

  1. Maria says:

    All healing comes through “Chris?”

  2. LaRee says:

    How do I get copies of the book?

  3. Dawn Bradbury says:

    Best and most difficult thing I have ever done. Arden has been a huge blessing for me.

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